Squeaks Eats!

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Squeaks got her first taste of solid food this morning. She dined on uber-delish rice cereal. The little girl took to it like a pro, she ate one bite after the next until the little bowl was empty! Perhaps she should have been nicknamed the wutz!

Here are a few pictures of the scene, but I command you to completely ignore my presence in the photos. I am totally rocking that just-rolled-out-of-bed, no-hair-did, no-makeup-on look. Sexy. Kinda.

First Day of School

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The wutz survived not only his first day of Kindergarten, but also the entire first week. But not without ending it with a sore throat. Figures.

The Hair...

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This morning the wutz decided he wanted to fix his own hair. This isn't particularly unusual and I don't consider it a big deal, so I left him alone in the bathroom so he could do what he wanted. Now, you might expect this to be where I begin in on the horrid things he did to his hair - in normal posts from me it would be - but not today. Today he used just enough water to flatten out the rat's nest in the back of his hair and he brushed it out nice and flat. It looked pretty good, if I do say so myself, but I was too busy then to notice anything other than it wasn't spiked with gel or suddenly green or something like that.

So off to school we went. Upon arrival we got out and as I was walking him to his class, I looked down and realized his hair did, indeed, look rather nice. Of course I took the opportunity to compliment him on his hair and a job well done. With a small hand he smoothed back the coif and said, "Thank you, Mommy, I wanted it to look good like this today." I queried him as to why and he replied, "Because I am going to take you on a date today, Mommy!" Shocked, I asked where were we going on this date. He looked at me and smiled sweetly and said, "Wendy's!"

Oh. Yay.

Incentives and name writing...

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The wutz finally wrote his name without any help. He'd been long reluctant to do so because he's a lazy sort of kid and said it was too much hard work! Finally, after an agreement made a week ago that he'd get a toy he wanted once he did the work, he began practicing. This morning he sat down and spent time focusing on his c's and e's, which were both the hardest part of his name for him.

After some more hard work and frustration and then finally lots of concentration, he wrote his name all by himself. First the C, then he'd look at me for approval, next the o, again looking at me, he got the l easily and moved on to the t. Once he got to the e he said, "This part is tricky!" and began work on the letter. As he finished he looked to me and I clapped for him. Lastly was his r, which again he had no trouble finishing. He was so excited to have accomplished it all by himself!

But mainly he was excited because he gets to go get Captain's Boathouse to add to his Thomas collection.

First Day of School

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Well, I know I have slacked greatly on this blog, but I'm copying this from the wutz's blog. Hehe!

It is a new school year! Amazing. My boy has gotten so big!

This morning he woke up on his own at 6am. Also amazing! And we got up, dressed, teeth brushed, hair brushed... and we had time to watch TV. Lately he has been demanding we watch The Upside Down Show ad nauseum, so that's what was on. While we were sitting there, I plucked off a piece of red fuzz off his navy blue shorts. The fuzz was from his blanket. I said, "Look, it is a baby Schmuzzie!" (A creature from the show) and he said, "Awww. It's adorable!" and he took it from me and that was the end of that.

Then we got to school and I did the obligatory first day of school pictures. We marched to Mrs. Nancy's room and he threw the door open. She greeted him with a hug. To which he promptly extracted this piece of red fuzz and announced, "I brought my baby Schmuzzie!" *facepalm*

So, thus begins the school year...

Newest Project!

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I have yet another project. Or addition to the family. Whatever. Meet...


Well, damn. I haven't named him yet. He's a registered Tennessee Walking Horse. He's not quite five yet, which means he's still got some growing to do. He'll be taller and he also needs to put about 100lbs of weight on. But he has the sweetest, calmest disposition as far as I have seen thus far. I'm excited. I've wanted a TWH for at least a decade and he looks almost identical to one I passed up on several years ago that I still kick myself for not snapping up.

So, anyways, here are pictures...

This last photo is just to show how freaking tall this guy is. Those panels are at least 5ft high!

"Hello. 911. What is your emergency?"

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"Um. My husband is an idiot."


So Sunday DH caught this nasty bug that the wutz had at the end of last week. He wasn't feeling well so he went to bed early. Before he slept, I told him that he should stay home and rest on Monday. He promised he would if he was feeling bad. When he woke me up Monday he said he was feeling better, so he got dressed and took the wutz to school then drove 50 miles to work.

I got up early, tidied the house, fed the horses, then by 9:30am I was curled back in bed ready to enjoy a lazy day ALONE! Yes, I said it. ALONE.

At 9:35am my phone rang. It was one of DH's coworkers. DH had passed out during a conference. Twice.

They ended up calling 911 and he was taken to the hospital. So I had to climb back out of bed, get dressed, go get my mom and drive over an hour to the hospital. Turns out the only thing that showed up was some dehydration. Basically, the dude has the flu. And he was too stubborn to stay home and rest.

He flinched when I walked into the ER because he knew he was going to get an earful, too. I told him that his refusal to take one day off probably just cost us an entire paycheck (deductables, yanno) and that when he got checked out he was going home and going to bed until I said otherwise.

So now, Mr. Macho is in bed, with a fever of 103. Please God, don't let me be next!