Sunday Song - Pop Culture

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I think I may be starting a Sunday trend for myself by posting Sunday Songs!

I've been meaning to feature this fabulous artist for awhile. His name is Curvine. He and his wife are wonderful people and I totally respect his work and their own ministry. Not to mention his songs are awesome.

My personal favorite of his is Pop Culture, though there are others that are just as fabulous. So today I'll tease you with this one and I promise to share more later as YouTube allows.

Summer Rerun

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The wutz has been taking swim lessons for the past two months. We've really enjoyed watching him as he has begun learning to swim. Last year he wasn't very confident in the water and it was a bit overwhelming to him. Since the end of summer approaches, I'll soon be posting pictures of his swim lessons and also of our vacations, but for now I wanted to take today to look back on last year's swimming experience...

This was originally written in June of 2008:

I hate drunk people and I hate sober people and I hate all the people today. And I hate short people and I hate tall people and I hate all the people today.

‘Cuz I’m havin a bad day.havin a bad day. Get out of my way. cuz im havin a bad day.

Blue Flannel hit the nail on the head when they wrote that song. It totally described my mood right as I stood in my kitchen and begged God to give me one small break today. Then I sat down to eat rerun pizza and the piping hot cheese promptly slid off the slice and dropped gracelessly onto my bare lap.

It has been a rotten day.

What’s worse, Thursday pretty much tanked, too. I won’t even go into that, though.

I did learn a great lesson today. Never wear a string bikini to a public pool while accompanying a rambunctious toddler. Seriously. Just. Don’t. Do. It.

The wutz was a wild man today. A total and complete hellion. He’s always a bit hyper but today was a whole new level for my little dude. I thought taking him to the public pool this evening would be a wonderful experience. For sure, he’d be so grateful for my kindness and generosity at letting him enjoy the amazing kiddie pools and play with all those children, that certainly he’d be a grateful little angel. Wrong. Oh so wrong.

We arrived and mosied into the locker room to change clothes. He was wiggling with excitement as I tugged up his Winnie the Pooh swim trunks. That was my first mistake. I never should have dressed him before I dressed myself. He was full throttle to the pool, and there I was as naked as the day I was born, trying to catch him and simultaneously keep my dignity intact. Yeah. Right.

Once he was wrangled, I had to forcibly pin him to the bench with my knee, while I teetered on the other foot and attempted to tug on my string bikini. Here you’ll find mistake number two, which I’ve already touched on.

Finally dressed we barreled toward the pool. He was wide-eyed and amazed. Until I tried to guide him into the shallow pool. Apparently I wasn’t notified that it wasn’t water in the pool. It was acid. Or at least that’s how he acted. Full out, shame-your-parent, tugging and clinging to anything and everything you can grab meltdown right there. So, being the loving mother that I am, I cradled him in my arms and proceeded on a straight path into the water until we were both submerged to our shoulders. I can tell you, he appreciated that. Eventually he realized that he could touch the bottom. That gave the oh-so-amused pool patrons about ten minutes sans temper tantrums. But only ten minutes. Because then he saw the slide. Oooooh. A slide! A very very big slide. It really was a pity that he had to be four feet ride that ride. Now that, he most certainly did NOT appreciate. Nosirree. Not one bit.

It was an effort to distract him, but a shiny pink ball that a little girl had was enough to do the trick. “Ball Momma! Momma ball!” Cue next meltdown.

That wrapped it up for me. We were done. I was done. We proceeded, quickly, to the locker room, to repeat the previous changing room experience, only in reverse this time.

I cannot tell you how glad I was to get out of there. And every single person there agreed wholeheartedly.

So yeah… I’m havin’ a bad day.

Go Fly a Kite!

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The wutz flew is first kite this evening. The sun was beginning to set and there was a little breeze, therefore he decided that he must fly his new kite. Because there was so little breeze, getting the kite off the ground required effort and lots of running. So I ran and he jogged after me holding the plastic spool with yards and yards of white string wound around it. As the kite flew higher and higher he struggled to get it unwound but he managed after a little practice. He ran and ran and ran to keep that kite afloat. Finally he looked at me mid-stride and said, "I'm tired." Which was enough to make me put the brakes on (gratefully, I might add) and reel in the rainbow colored kite.

It was exhausting. And awesome.

Sunday Song

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Since I skipped church this morning, I thought I'd do penance by posting one of my current favorite songs.


The Post Where I'm a little disappointed I cannot say I nearly died of food poisoning because I'd had it all written out in my head. Obit and all.

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We've yet another person from our office retiring very soon. Soon as in like a week. Therefore, it is the expectation of everyone else in the office to pitch in way too much money and haul our sorry asses to some strange town to eat at some strange place in celebration of said coworker's retirement. It is a ritual we've endured time and time again and at least we typically get to enjoy a high-priced meal out of the torturous journey.

Last night's retirement party was held at a restaurant in a small down named Poulan. Poulan is famous for its yearly Possum Poke celebration. Whatever the hell that is. Cuz, really, I don't know.

Situated right across the street from the Welcome to Poulan: Home of the Possum Poke sign was the restaurant in which we were to meet, eat, and send our coworker off into retirement bliss.

The name of the restaurant, and I shityounot, was Ed's Truck Stop. Honestly. We held this retirement party at Ed's Truck Stop. But if you didn't know where Ed's Truck Stop was located, you'd drive right past it. Like us and 50 others did before realizing that Ed's Truck Stop was actually labeled Ed's Nascar on the dilapidated metal building. The only indicator that the hellhole was now a restaurant was the wooden sign precariously perched upon the roof that declared "Restaurant".

It was my intention to get pictures, but I have to admit that I was so mortified that I forgot. Completely.

I have to concede to two things about the evening, though:
1. The food was awesome. I had fried chicken, fries, and homemade mac & cheese. If I nearly died of anything it was starch & fat overload, because it definitely wasn't from the expected food poisoning that I didn't get. Seriously. Great food.

2. The food was cheap. For three of us our bill was $16.80, which included a 20% tip.

Moral of the story: If you want surprisingly good, cheap food... head to Ed's.

New Look

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I decided I wanted a new look to celebrate an upcoming beach trip* that I've been looking forward to for quite some time.

I realized I hadn't changed the look of my blog since like the first of the year, so why the hell not now?

It's a little fun and a bit more goofy than I usually go for, but I figured since I'd planned to fully enjoy the last little bit of summer, why the hell shouldn't my blog?

So, there ya have it.

*For those lowlifes that just troll my blog waiting to know when I'm going out of town so you can come over and steal all my cool stuff, including my collection of Statler Brothers 8-track tapes, just know that I have a live-in house-sitter and some really fucking HUGE dogs. That are hungry. Very hungry.

I have a personality! Hot damn

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Your main type is which ever behavior you utilize most and/or prefer - in my case Type 5. Your variant reflects your scoring profile on all nine types: so = social variant (compliant, friendly), sx = sexual variant (assertive, intense), sp = self preservation variant (withdrawn, security seeking).

Main Type
Overall Self
Take Free Enneagram Personality Test

I really should start blogging again more but twitter is my current obsession

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I seriously spend way too much time tweeting. I know I used to devote my time to this blog and I really do miss it. Honest, I do. But I have to admit that I'm currently obsessed quite thoroughly with Twitter.

Posting 140 characters or less suits me just perfectly. Why say in 20 words what you can say in 2? That's always been my motto. And it is a motto just made for twitter, if you ask me.

However, I find that I've wasted far too much time and energy on tweeting. Take today for example, I spent the entire afternoon twebating with a rightwing nut compassionate (his label) conservative that believes Michael Vick's prison sentence was too harsh. He believes that Vick should not have been jailed. At all.

I couldn't help myself. When someone tells me that animal abuse has no correlation on domestic abuse or murder statistics, I tend to get a little preachy. Because that's bullshit. Then the guy had the nerve to bring up abortion. I kept waiting for Hitler's name to get thrown into the argument so I could scream "Godwin's Law - I win!" but alas, it never happened. Either way, the guy was a whackjob. Here's to hoping he never wins a political seat.

Four Days of School...

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... That's how long it took before the wutz was up all night horking his wee brains out.

Gotta love the petri dish that is called preschool, right?


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The other day, while driving to the store to buy some seriously overpriced cat food, I happened to glance up toward the sign on the road in front of one of the liquor stores in town. On that sign I saw a word that I know oh-so-well. The word of my most favorite alcoholic drink in the world. The word of the one drink that I covet that I have not previously been able to find here.

That single word caused me to attempt and perfect a U-turn in busy lunch time traffic in effort to return to the store to race in and frantically search the shelves. It didn't take long. I honed in on it faster than the clerk could say, "Can I..." and I had the object of my desire in hand and headed to the counter.

Moments later, I had my darling prize nestled in the seat beside me, cradled lovingly as we traveled home so I could enjoy the spoils of my conquest.


The End of Summer

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Wow. It is hard to believe that we're entering another school year. The wutz is now in the wee-3 class and he is going half-days, five days a week. He's growing so fast!

Here are a few pictures from his first day:

And a trip down memory lane -- last year's picture from the first day of school:

How Bold is Too Bold?

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A wonderful woman (@lesleehorner) that I met via Twitter actually blogged about me today. About the fact that I am... umm... ermm... bold. Ballsy. Well, I think she kinda was referring to the fact that I have a big mouth and no filter on it. I do have the habit of just blurting out exactly what I am thinking. But at the same time, when I need to be tactful, I have finally learned to do that. I can be a rather skilled tactician when need be. Fortunately, for me, I don't need to be tactful all that often.

Online is one place where I am guilty of allowing my darker (let's just say wittier, because it sounds better) side come to the forefront. It also helps that online I can backspace and self-edit until my vipery tongue can also be taken as amusing and not just entirely insulting.

So, it is a fine line between the two. I try to balance it, but I am certain I still offend people on a daily basis. And another thing I've learned lately is that is okay, too. So what if I offend you? You'll get over it. I did.

Anyways, go read Leslee's Blog. It is awesome. Especially today's post!

All about me Monday

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I got my haircut again. It is shorter than I've ever gone before. Well, except for that one time in high school which was entirely a mishap and I've tried to black it from my memory forever and ever.

Anyways, I'm kinda happy with it. I like how easy it is to take care of and fix in the morning. Sometimes I wonder if it is too short, but it'll be easy enough to grow out if I change my mind!

Overall, I'm quite happy with it.