Sunday Song - Mean Kitty

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The Mean Kitty Song


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I know I've blogged about it ad nauseum, but my headaches and migraines have returned to me full force lately. I don't know why. Maybe it is the cooler weather. Maybe it is all the rain we've had this season. Maybe I'm just put together cheap and I'm falling apart. Whatever the reason, it well and truly sucks.

I just feel so blah and useless lately. With the headaches I don't sleep well and when I am awake I just don't want to do a damned thing. It's like this depressive black cloud is hovering over me. I hate it.

During my pregnancy with the wutz I didn't have headaches at all. Nor did I have them for the nearly two years I was breastfeeding. After that they were few and far between. Until the past few months. Now they have returned to what they were before I was pregnant. It has been long enough that I actually started to love live without them. *sigh*

So once more I am on a quest to wade through prescription after prescription to find the right cocktail that will make them tolerable.

Wish me luck.

Because I took an Ambien, I'm too loopy to be coherent...

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A great blast from the past...
(And somewhat appropriate for the night)

Tom Petty - Girl on LSD


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Okay, there are some situations where you can just tell that the marketing and think-tank people are all male. This new Apple release of their iPad is a prime example. I recognize that every comedian in the country is likely cracking very similar jokes, but it wouldn't be me if I didn't pause to offer the ole What. The. Fuck. Apple?

So there, I did. Seriously, Apple. Hire some more women. If you had, you'd know that iPad sounds like something we women loathe to wear once a month. Didn't one person... I mean, just ONE stop and say, "Wait, I think maybe we should rethink this whole iPad name. Let's give it 28 more days and see if it sticks."


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I am so tired of cold weather. I'm even tired of cool weather. We've had more than our share this winter, with record breaking cold and all. Enough is enough. I'm getting all twitchy and restless.

I am ready for Spring. And I'm doubly ready for the time change. I hate that it gets dark so early. Not only is it cold, there aren't enough hours in the day.

I'm done.

Cleaning and a Haircut...

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The wutz had his first dentist appointment today. I recognize we are a little behind schedule on that, but I really didn't think he was emotionally ready to sit still for the process until now. I think I was right. He was such a good, good boy today in that dentist's chair. He opened his mouth, let them 'count' his teeth and they brushed them and flossed them. He asked questions and played with all the non-pointy instruments and just had an absolute blast.

Unfortunately, he has one tiny cavity in his very back molar that the dentist wants to have fixed. Which means we will now be referred to a pediatric dentist, shell out money for them to 'count' his teeth again, and then have to return to have the cavity filled. *sigh* I knew I should have just went straight to a ped. dentist, but my dentist's office said they could handle it. Had I known that by 'handle it' it just meant charge me $80 bucks to brush his teeth and 'count' them, I'd have started off at the pediatric dentist. Ah well. Lesson learned.

I just hope the wutz is as good next week for the next appointment as he was this one!

My new toy, revisited

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This is the laptop I got. It is the Asus G60Vx. It's a gaming computer and so far I love it. I'm not fond of Windows 7, but this computer simply screams. Technorgasms once more!

New Toy

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I spent the day shopping for a new laptop. Mine has been overheating and I'm pretty sure it is the heat sink. It is out of warranty and I think I'd go into DTs if I had to send mine off and be without a computer! So I wandered for store to store until I settled on a new Asus laptop. I have always preferred Toshiba, but this last one is the third to have the heat sink go out in it. Time to try a new brand!

I spent more than I'd hoped, but so far I like this computer. The screen is bigger and I still haven't adjusted to the keypad on the side that causes the keyboard to be shifted to the left. That is strange. But the graphics on this computer are a-mazing. And it really sings.

I'll spend tomorrow transferring files and backing up, but so far, so good!

I love me some new tech stuff!

What I really want to do...

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What I really want to do is crawl back in bed, toss the covers over my head and sleep for a week. Then when I wake up I want it to be Saturday morning. Of next week. Nice, calm. Peaceful.

And having had a week's worth of sleep.

Who's with me?

Mid-Winter Swim

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Crazy Catlady...

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I'm beginning to feel like the crazy cat lady. After all the doctoring I'm doing to keep one alive, I've now got another fuzzbutt that has spent two days crying. Screaming. Crying. Whining.

Yeah. The siamese kitten. Her. She's driving me nuts. She normally is a very vocal cat, but the past two days have been constant. At first I thought it was the weather because we were expecting nasty storms. Now I think she's just pissed because she's getting old enough to sow her furry oats.

Too bad, pussy. Too bad. So just shut up already. Geez.

Science Fiction

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A cool friend of mine passed me an article that her equally cool DH showed her and I thought it was a fabulously interesting article about those that can (and cannot) read and understand the Science Fiction and Fantasy genre.

I have to admit that I'm fairly new to the SF types of novels. By new, I mean in the last 8 years or so. I still don't have the patience for Harry Potter and I still loathe Lord of the Rings, but my enjoyment of SF has long extended past romantic vampires and I'm now exploring a wider rang of SF and I find myself enjoying it.

Here is the article:
SF reading protocols


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I blogged previously about my sick siamese. He's been diabetic for a few years and we recently discovered that he has advanced stage asthma/respiratory problems. As in, the worse the Univ. of Georgia radiologists have ever seen. Yeah. That bad.

I wasn't surprised, though. It seems my animals always have firsts. Like my golden retriever's fishing line leg ligament. Or one of my horse's massively stobbed tendon sheath. If the shit can go wrong, it does go wrong. On an epic scale.

But I digress. As per usual.

Anyways, he's been doing so-so. I'm giving him insulin twice a day now instead of once. I'm also giving him oral steroids. A pill.

Yeah, I'm giving a cat a pill. I've done worse, though. Thank goodness he's got the mildest disposition ever. And I'm doubly thankful for experience in the whole feline med-giving because I once had a siamese that had to have medication daily and she was like trying to get medicine in a cheetah. Not fun.

Again, I digress.

So tonight I was giving the cat his insulin. It went well. I injected him carefully, because he's lost a lot of weight and I don't want to put the needle in the wrong spot, and because I hate needles and I try to be mindful and respectful with them. Until it got to the point where I had to recap the needed. I wasn't paying attention as I drove the needle into the little plastic orange cap. No, I didn't miss. Instead that little fucking needle pierced through the cheap plastic cap and pierced my finger. To. The. Bone.


Such a little needle. So much owwie. I nearly fainted. Yeah. Seriously. Did I mention I hate needles?

I think I'm going to officially fire myself and make it DH's job from now on. Either that or I want hazard pay or something.



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I'm tired. I completely forgot about this blog today and I just haven't had anything to write about lately. Okay, I have stuff to write about, just nothing I want to sit down and think about long enough to put into coherent sentences that you could make heads or tails of. I really promised myself I'd do better with this whole blogging thing, but I'm still sort of burnt out on it.

I will press on, however. I just wanted to admit my feelings about this blog right now, so maybe I can move forward and contribute something that's worth freaking reading, because lately I just haven't been about to cough anything up and spit it out on the screen.

I'll keep trying, though. (I'm sorry for that.)


Sunday Song

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Casting Crowns - Until the Whole World Hears

More Belated Christmas Pictures!

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We took a look, we bought a Nook...

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One of my Christmas presents this year was a pre-ordered Nook from Barnes & Noble. It arrived via my wonderful UPS dude yesterday afternoon. I pried open the packaging eagerly to reveal what looked like a massive clear plastic iPod case. Gorgeous.

Then I opened it, pulled it out, and plugged it in. Patience. These things have to charge, you know.

So finally today, the sucker was all charged up and I was at work - a location that actually gets great cell service for downloads - and I turned that sucker on and registered it. Simple and quick. Nice.

I downloaded my first book. It cost me a whopping $3.99.

I had a doctor's appointment today so I tossed the Nook into my purse and carried it with me. In the waiting room, I finally turned it on and turned the 'page' to read my new Nook book.

Let me tell you. I think I had a technorgasm.

I love it. It is so easy to read from. No eye strain. No heavy book to carry around. No pages to dog ear. Mmmm... I'm in love.

Randomly Random

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Just a few random things...

1. The wutz survived school today. And apparently so did all of his classmates. *whew* The teacher made a point to make sure I was notified that he was very good today. So the kiddo lives to see another day. We're all kinda grateful.

2. I am thrilled that my DH is working. I'm also kind of thrilled that the work he does has him working from home 4 days a week. He's very awesome about getting up first, getting dressed, making my coffee, then waking me so I can get dressed while he dresses the wutz and even brushes his teeth. How awesome is that? So I can hardly complain, when at the end of his day he kicks back in his recliner, remote in hand, and states "Okay. Leave me alone. I'm done with work and officially driving home."

3. My Nook came today! I'm so excited. I've got that sucker unboxed and on charge. I know I won't have cell service at the house to download books tonight, but tomorrow I'm going to give it a go from work. I'll report back how I like it soon!

4. I got my hair cut Tuesday. No. I don't have a picture. But it is short. I mean pixie short. And I think I kinda love it. It's different for me, kind of edgy, but very easy to fix in the morning. Suh-weet.

5. Tomorrow is Friday. Hot. Damn.

A Day: Reluctantly Revisited

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Alright, in the light of a new day I feel that I can finally write a bit about my day yesterday. I still find little humor in it, however. But maybe you will.

The day started out like any other. Coffee was made. Teeth were brushed. Kid was dressed. But the kid was also sniffly. By the time we finally pried him off the sofa and into the car, he was very whiny. I did manage to get him into class and out of the goodness of my heart, I warned her that he was not feeling 100% and there may be issues that day because of it.

I arrived to work late, but that's not a rarity. It's cool. Really. Then later in the morning just as I'd downed my second cup of coffee, the phone rang. It was DH calling to inform me that I had to go pick up the wutz. Immediately. "Oh shit!" I thought. He must be really sick. I was quickly informed that no, that wasn't the reason. Apparently the teacher had called him to tell him that the wutz had severely bitten another student and therefore he could not stay in school.

Yep. My little angel was tossed out of school on his ass. At age three.

I'm was so proud.

*exhales* So I threw all of my stuff in my bag and flew out of the office. I'm pretty sure I told them why I was leaving, but if I hadn't I'm certain they'd have known since steam was coming out of my ears. I arrived at school to find a screaming/crying wutz who was demanding to go outside and play. I talked to the teacher and she informed me that he did not break the other child's skin when he bit.

Well hell.

It's not severe unless there is blood and stitches required, if you ask me.

I informed her that I'd take him home and we'd keep him home on Wednesday and try again on Thursday at school to see if he could be better behaved. I hope to God he will be or Momma's gonna go postal on a three year old. I thought it was the twos that were supposed to be terrible?

A day

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I am having a day. A very bad day. It has all culminated to the point where I am ready to get in the car and drive off to an undisclosed location, never to be heard from again.

I'm sure there's a funny story in here. I'm sure I'll laugh about it soon. But today is not the day. Right now, there is no humor in the day I had. I'd love to blog some tragically funny sorry about this day, but right now it isn't going to happen.

I'll be back as soon as it does.

I present to you something so rare...

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This is exciting. I cannot tell you what a rare find this is. It is amazing. I'd like to present to you something that the human world has never seen before...

In their natural habitat, my entire family, all together, posing for a camera...

Sunday Song

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Free to Be Me -- Francesca Battistelli

(Not the official video, but the one with the best sound that I could find.)


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Okay, so I've been resistant to seeing Avatar because I didn't think it would be my sort of movie. Reviews have varied. Some said it was excellent for the filming, scenery, etc... but lacking in substance. Some said it was overall a fantastic movie. Either way, everyone I spoke to that had already gone said the same thing, "Go see it. Now." Not one person that saw it held any reluctance in urging me to see it. Even after I protested.

So today we bundled up and trudged out to see the movie. In IMAX. 3D.

All I can really say is wow. Wow.

I was truly surprised at how much I enjoyed the movie. It was gorgeous. And very enjoyable.

So to all of you that urged me to see it: Thank you.
And to all of you that have yet to see it: Go see it. Now.

Helloooo Twentieth Century!

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Well, it only took a decade or so, but I have finally entered the 20th Century! (I know, I know, I'l start working on the 21st someday!)

Yesterday we finally got DSL installed at our home. This is huge. Up until this week, our only options were dial-up *gasp!* or satellite *cha-ching!* or cellphone tethering. I've been using my cell phone to tether to my laptop for quite awhile now. It has worked so much better than dial-up and the speeds were similar to DSL, but the consistancy sucked. I'd drop connection on a regular basis, which is simply maddening.

But now! Now we have wireless DSL. Suh-weet.

I'm a happy happy girl.

Yay me.

Christmas Morning

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Christmas morning began at our house with way too many presents! Santa left the wutz an ATV and some toys from the movie Cars. He was so excited he ran right past the ATV, he didn't even see it!

More Christmas Eve...

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Yeah, yeah, I know... but I'm still playing catch up.

On Christmas eve, the wutz woke up to the last visit from Jingle (original name, I know). Jingle is our Elf on a Shelf. He'd been causing trouble every night for weeks, but on his last night in our home he brought a little present that was left hanging on the bedroom door. The present was a ton of party favors that the wutz is absolutely in love with. Fortunately, they weren't noisemakers. Yay Jingle!

After we got home from the Santa Fly In, the wutz was allowed to open his Christmas Eve present. He had been eyeing this shiny green package that his Granny wrapped for well over a month. When he finally tore into it, he discovered a light up music box with an animated train.

And I couldn't wrap up Christmas eve without displaying the cute sweater that the wutz was forced to wear. He looks just thrilled with it, doesn't he?

Santa Fly In

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Since I am still playing catch-up, I would kick myself if I failed to post about the annual Santa Fly In, since I've posted about it every year!

This year we got the opportunity to fly in the plane with Santa and Mrs. Claus. We did it when the wutz was a baby but he had a cold last year so we declined the offer. The wutz was so excited to fly with Santa. He loves Santa, of course, but he reeeeaaaaalllllyyyy loves planes. Typical boy. You may remember pictures from last year's Fly In of him in Santa's lap, pointing toward the plane when Santa asked him what he wanted for Christmas. Yeah. That's my boy.

So this year he was excited to fly! At first he didn't want to sit near Santa, but after about 60 seconds he changed his mind and parked himself directly in front of Santa. They proceeded to converse for the entire 30 or 45 minute flight. It was great and the weather was perfect for flying!

It was very cool to see all the people waiting for Santa as we did our fly-by!

Disney Re-revisited

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One of the things we did while we were at Disney in November was visit all of the deluxe resorts that we'd never seen before. We rode the boat to the Wilderness Lodge, we took the monorail to the Polynesian and the Grand Floridian. Loved the meal at the Polynesian, as I've already blogged...

Anyways, here are more photos from the trip...

These were taken at the Animal Kingdom Lodge. It is such a gorgeous place. I hope we can stay there someday.

We took the water taxi to Downtown Disney. I did love the view from the boat as we traveled through Port Orleans - Riverside.

So far behind I think I'm in front...

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Alright, I admit that I've been a lot little slack with this whole blogging thing. Which means, dear reader, that we shall have to travel back in time to do a little catching up.

I think I shall start the boredom with a few pictures from our Disney trip. We traveled there in November, as is becoming a wonderful tradition. We stayed at Port Orleans - Riverside and we enjoyed every moment of it.

Even the wutz picked out his favorite sleeping spot in our hotel room:

It was a great step up from the Pop Century that we stayed at last year. That was nice, but I liked Riverside much better! Couple that with the fact that we made a point to do LESS this year, we were able to enjoy a relaxing vacation with no rushing from park to park. We just did what we could and didn't push ourselves beyond an enjoyable limit.

This trip was a lot of fun because adding an extra year to the wutz seemed to make a huge difference. He was able to grasp the rides better and enjoy them to their fullest. I can't believe what a little adventurer he is! He'll try anything once, and usually loves it enough to try again. I can't wait till next year to do it all over again.

Anyways, here are a few pictures from the trip...

Sick Siamese

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My 12 year old blue point Siamese boy was diagnosed a couple of years ago with diabetes. Recently I've noticed the symptoms returning so I took him in to the vet to have his levels checked. We made some changes and he did okay for about a week. Then he started panting. I assumed it was Kussmaul breathing which can happen if their blood sugar skyrockets. He did it off and on for two days over the holidays. I took him in on Monday to see what they thought. In the end they couldn't see how the blood sugar would be causing the continued rapid panting, so they x-rayed him. His lung films looked like someone laid a piece of lace over them, there's that much asthmatic type damage. The vet said it looked like end stage asthma. I've never noticed anything odd about his breathing other than he was a little noisy and he snores.

So the vet sent the films to the radiologist at UGA. He looks at them and says the same thing, but he also says it is one of the worst cases he's seen and he wants to use the x-rays in his teaching.

Now Zoos is on steroids to try to make his breathing better, but that will likely screw up his blood sugar levels. It's a Catch 22. Poor guy.

So if you have it in you to say healing prayers for a feline, he could certainly use some. *sigh*

Happy New Year!

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2009 was an interesting year. It was full of ups and downs. With DH out of work for nearly nine months, it was a very scary time. However, we survived it and as of right now we are truly no worse for wear.

The wutz continues to grow like a weed and he's the brightest fella ever (gotta love a mother's perspective!) and he continues to be the light of my life.

Life is good going into 2010 and I hope it only improves.

My intent is to return to this blog once more and become more frequent in my posts. I would love to accomplish another round of 365, so we'll see!

Happy New Year!