"Hello. 911. What is your emergency?"

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"Um. My husband is an idiot."


So Sunday DH caught this nasty bug that the wutz had at the end of last week. He wasn't feeling well so he went to bed early. Before he slept, I told him that he should stay home and rest on Monday. He promised he would if he was feeling bad. When he woke me up Monday he said he was feeling better, so he got dressed and took the wutz to school then drove 50 miles to work.

I got up early, tidied the house, fed the horses, then by 9:30am I was curled back in bed ready to enjoy a lazy day ALONE! Yes, I said it. ALONE.

At 9:35am my phone rang. It was one of DH's coworkers. DH had passed out during a conference. Twice.

They ended up calling 911 and he was taken to the hospital. So I had to climb back out of bed, get dressed, go get my mom and drive over an hour to the hospital. Turns out the only thing that showed up was some dehydration. Basically, the dude has the flu. And he was too stubborn to stay home and rest.

He flinched when I walked into the ER because he knew he was going to get an earful, too. I told him that his refusal to take one day off probably just cost us an entire paycheck (deductables, yanno) and that when he got checked out he was going home and going to bed until I said otherwise.

So now, Mr. Macho is in bed, with a fever of 103. Please God, don't let me be next!


Opinionated Gifts said...

you need to live in one of those bubbles, like John Travolta..only, without that crazy scientology shit.

Laura said...

I hope you don't get it. And sheesh...MEN!

Lisa said...