Sunday Blessings & Silent Sunday

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This is definitely a blessing:

Naptime Prayer

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This is the prayer I now have the wutz saying at naptime:

Now I lay me
Down to nap
I pray the Lord
My mom won't snap
Hold me safe
While I rest
So when I wake
I'll be my best


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My biggest blessing this week (aside from really getting the Princess good with that pic!) was my family gathering together for a family dinner. My brother and his family from Conneticut were even there. We had a fabulous time and I enjoyed every moment of it.

Happy Birthday, Princess!

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Today is the Princess's 50th Birthday! So, in honor of such a special and once-in-a-lifetime occassion, I decided to do something very special for the Princess.

Special meaning I ran the most hysterical picture I owned of her on the front page of her local newspaper. Oh, and I also ran a larger add in Section A of the same paper. I just wanted to make sure everyone knew it was such a momentous occasion!

Here is the picture from the front page of the paper. It was located on the top left hand corner. Prime real estate, if I do say so myself!

And this was located deeper inside of Section A:

Apparently, once her coworkers found the pictures they were photocopied, enlarged, and plastered all over her workplace.

I knew they wouldn't let me down!

Happy Birthday, Princess!

With love,
The best sister you've ever had!

(Okay, the only sister...)

Sunday Blessings

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A friend of mine came up with the idea to take Sundays to blog about some of the blessings in our lives and I have to admit, I love the idea. Even though she's yet to post her blessings *ahem!* I think I shall go ahead and give it a whirl!

I am blessed to have a beautiful son. He is the sweetest child that is always in motion. I am grateful to have a healthy, happy, active boy. I am blessed to have each hug, each kiss, each declaration that he loves me the whole world! I am blessed to hear his sweet voice when I come home from work, "Mommy, I missed you today!"

My blessings of having such a wonderful little boy are just immeasurable!

Simply Blessed

Don't you dare!

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The wutz has started an annoying habit. One I had hoped he'd never take on, but I suppose it was inevitable. He has begun asking the horribly annoying question: "Why? Why? Why!?!" Yes, that's all I hear these days. Why? Why? Why? Why, Mommy? Why?!?


Just shoot me now. Please.

Another little quirk that the wutz has taken on is the one where he takes pleasure in doing the exact opposite of what you tell him to do. This is where the infamous reverse psychology comes into play. "Don't give Mommy a kiss!" *smooch*

But the best way I've found to exploit this bad habit is by, at bedtime, sternly telling the wutz not to scratch my back. "I mean it, don't you dare scratch Mommy's back!" equals a good ten minutes of back-scratching-bliss.

*insert wicked laugh here*

Babies on Skates

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Silent Sunday

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Happy Fourth of July

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I wish everyone a wonderful Fourth of July. Please have a safe and happy holiday!