Good Night, Sleep Tight

Monday, June 30, 2008 Posted In Edit This 0 Comments »

Unlike some parents, I look forward to my nightly routine of putting the wutz to bed. And not just because it means he’ll be going to sleep very soon! That’s just a bonus.

No, I really adore the entire process. He’s so happy and carefree as he plays with bubbles in his bathwater. I sit there with him until the point he begins to enjoy himself so much water comes spilling in rivers over the side of the tub. Game over then, unless I want my bathroom rug to float, and I really prefer it didn’t.

Once he’s dried off and dressed, teeth are brushed while I quietly sing the ABC song to him. Each time he bites down on the toothbrush, the song comes to a standstill and he giggles maniacally. The little stinker.

Finally we make it to the bed. He selects two books and then crawls up next to me as I read each one. Sometimes he’ll beg for one more and it is rewarded.

But the best part, the very best part of the night, happens once the lights are turned off. He points to the pillow beside him and commands, “Sleep sleep, momma!” I am obliged to lay down next him, while he rests so close to me our noses touch. He gently provides much appreciated Eskimo kisses and babbles quietly to me. It is sweet perfection.

Once he’s ready to sleep, he grabs his GlowWorm, much like the one I had as a child, and presses its tummy and the soft lullaby plays while his cherubic face is illuminated in a soft amber glow. Words cannot describe it, but it melts me each night as I slip out the door just before that song ends.