Happy Father's Day

Sunday, June 15, 2008 Posted In Edit This 0 Comments »

I had an enjoyable day. My family celebrated Father’s Day at my brother’s house. He has a beautiful pool, and we rounded up some takeout BBQ and just had an enjoyable and rather peaceful day. The wutz loves his cousins, so he spent hours upon hours playing with them. They did the rounds: the pool, the hot tub, the trampoline, the swingset, and back again. It was a joy to watch.

I am so grateful for the wonderful Father’s in my life. My DH is an amazing Father. I doubt a child could ask for better. He is so thoughtful and attentive. He’d spend every waking second with the wutz if life would allow for it! My brothers are both wonderful Fathers as well. They both have beautiful families and they are a credit to them.

But my Father is definitely my first love. I have always been a Daddy’s Girl! Today I couldn’t help but recall of the nights when we lived across the street from an elementary school when I was little. My dad would work late, so it would be dark before he got home. His job was to walk the dogs after work. He would get me dressed, round up the mutts, and off we’d go across the street to the school’s playground. I loved the swingset there. I’d run to it and plop down upon the seat. Then my dad would get behind me and give me a push. He’d push me higher and higher as I laughed and enjoyed every moment. He’d push me so high in that swing that I thought my toes could tickle the stars. It was an amazingly wonderful time for me each night. I loved that time.

Someday, I hope my son can look back on the special moments with as much fondness as I have for those memories.