Two Tons

Saturday, June 28, 2008 Posted In Edit This 0 Comments »

That’s how much horse feed I purchased and unloaded today. Two tons. Four thousand pounds of feed. Now I am tired and I hurt.

Oh, the joys of living on a farm.

I seriously worry about how we are going to be able to continue to afford to live this way. I have thirteen horses to feed. They are slowly eating me out of house and home. As gas prices rise, I become more and more aware of the daily drive to town. I used to think nothing of it. I enjoyed the drive. I enjoyed the quiet time in the car. Not anymore. I find myself staring at the MPG, wondering how I could possible get better gas mileage. But, in truth, it’s just not possible when driving a gas guzzler. *glug glug glug*

I love living in the country, though. It is the best thing. I love the quiet peacefulness of it. I adore the fact that I can wander out in my PJs (or less) to feed the horses and no one is the wiser. I enjoy having the horses grazing in my front yard. I love that I feel safe allowing the wutz to play all over the farm. I love being close to family. (Most of the time.)

But I definitely don’t love schlepping around two tons of feed. I think I shall go soak in a hot bubbly bath now!