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The wutz’s crib has been recalled. It is part of that massive BRU/TRU Jardine crib recall. It isn’t a massive deal for us, because the wutz doesn’t use his crib anymore. I just have to wonder about all of the poor people that still actually use their recalled cribs. What are they supposed to do in the meantime?

Apparently, the terms of the recall require taking the crib apart and returning specific pieces of the crib. Once you’ve taken the crib apart, those pieces, along with the indentification labels, must be UPSed back to the company. It will take one to two weeks to process the refund and for them to issue you a voucher.

Great. Why is it that I get imagines of poor babies sleeping in blanket line drawers for two weeks? Seriously.

Also, why is it that when a company makes such a grievous error, the consumer is the one that has to jump through all of the hoops? Is it really necessary? I certainly know it isn’t fair!