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I learned today that someone I don't really know suffered a tragic loss. It was a loss that shook me to my core and trembled my foundation. It was the loss of her two year old son. Her son was less than two months older than the wutz. No doubt my sense of anguish is from my ability to project just a tiny iota of what I might feel were I in her shoes. And I pray to God that I'll never know.

It truly was a tragic accident. Her daughter made a practice swing of a bat during T-ball practice. The bat, in swing, struck the little girl's brother in the chest. The blow sent the poor baby's heart into arrhythmia and doctors were unable to bring him back.

My heart shattered into a million pieces just reading the short message detailing the events. The tragedy of this family that I have never met face to face, nearly brought me to my knees with grief. So, I prayed. I prayed harder than I'd prayed in a long long time. I prayed for peace, for healing, for love, for guidance... all for this family. And I admit that I prayed such a tragedy would never touch anyone else I know, including myself.

All day I struggled with my sorrow. A small measure, indeed, compared what this family must be suffering, I know. But then tonight I chose to attend Wednesday night church service. Before the discussions began, for some reason I ended up retelling this story of this family. And tonight an entire congregation joined hands and bowed heads, literally, in prayer for a family they, too, did not know. It was moving. And I felt, that in spirit, I came to know these strangers today. I hope and pray again that they will feel some measure of peace very soon and that they know God and an amazingly large community is there for them.


Lisa said...

It's such a sad, senseless, tragic thing.