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By this time tomorrow afternoon, the good Lord willing, I’ll be able to actually see! For a few hours at least, until my vision is stolen away again by the healing process that I’ve read about in about 1600 different articles found on Dr. Google. Apparently the vision fades in and out for the first couple of days while the healing process begins. Following that, about fifty percent of the healing process will occur in the first two weeks. It’ll be up to 5 months before my eyes are completely healed, though.

I think my nerves are pretty played up about it right now. Either that or there was way too much caffeine in my coffee. I’m pretty certain it is nerves, though. I’m fretting.

I’m just ready for it to be over and done with.


P.S. While it is my goal to update this blog every day, I may have to mentally compose the new couple of days worth and post them once my eyesight returns to some semblance of normal.