Rainbow Bridge

Sunday, August 03, 2008 Posted In Edit This 0 Comments »

DH found one of my dogs, Catphish, in the ditch yesterday. He'd been struck by a car. By the looks of it, he was killed instantly, which I do consider a blessing. He was a good dog. He wandered up to the house nearly a decade ago and I fed him. After that he never left except to roam for a day or two at a time. (Yes, he was fixed.) Catphish was just a laid back, old soul. The first time the vet came out to the farm to do a vet call while Catphish was on the property, the vet's assistant fell in love with him. Since that day, whenever I would get a notification that he needed vaccines, his name would read on the postcard: Catphish "Cool Dog" because apparently, that's how she had entered his name into their computer. Anyone that came to visit fell in love with him once they realized he wasn't goign to kill them. Everyone adored him because he just had the calmest demeanor. He's definitely going to be missed.

I'm now down to 8 dogs. He's the second one I've lost this year. And I think I have another one that I'm going to have to put to sleep soon because she's getting so old and having way too many issues.

RIP Catphish "Cool Dog"