Siamese if you don't please...

Thursday, August 21, 2008 Posted In Edit This 2 Comments »

I love siamese cats. I have four of them in the house. I couldn't imagine life without a siamese in the house. A siamese. As in one siamese. More than one is a freakfest. But yes, I have four of them.

One of them is truly unhinged. If you touch Cade's back she flips out, cries out that weird siamese cry, then starts rapidly licking herself. It is the strangest thing ever. She's not hurt. She's just a complete psycho.

Last night she got locked in the spare bedroom on accident. I've got a bad feeling of what I'll find when I actually go in there to see if she has done any damage.



Jackie said...

I had one growing up... I loved that cat! He lived over 20 years...sniff, sniff!

Lisa said...

YIKES! I am NOT a cat person!