Let the Rivalry Begin!

Tuesday, September 30, 2008 Edit This 1 Comment »

As I was driving to my parents' house this afternoon, I drove through one of the *very* nice neighborhoods in town. As I rounded a curve, I noticed that all the trees that canopy the road were covered in white. They'd been TP'd!
I stifled a chuckle and continued my drive. But just a short distance later, to my right, was a long driveway leading to a house hidden in some trees. Some very white trees. The house had been TP'd as well. And I must say, it was the best TP work I've ever seen. And that says a lot, because I've seen quite a few great instances of it!

I hated that I couldn't stop to take a photo, but there was a police officer driving behind me. Likely that he was surveying the handy work, too.

I continued on my path to my parents' house. Upon arriving, I noticed that their neighbors across the street had also been TP'd! By then I was dying laughing. I have no idea who was responsible for the great handiwork, but since the neighbor is a football coach for the private school here, I have no doubt that is what the connection is.

Here's the pic I managed to snap at my parents' house! This work is not nearly as good as the other one I saw, but it gives you an idea of what they did!


Lisa said...

ROFL! The good old days!