Twilight Saga

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On the way down to St. George Island for vacation, I stopped by Books-A-Million and purchased a copy of Twilight and New Moon by Stephenie Meyer. Twilight was recommended by another blogger. I devoured the first book of the four book series. Then I immediately moved onto the second novel. After I read the second one, my family was quite pleased because that was all I had purchased. Now I could actually spend time with everyone.


I found a small bookstore on the mainland and I purchased the third book, Eclipse.

I did take some time to jetski, as you've previously read. I also enjoyed time at the pool and sprawled out on the beach. But the entire time I was plotting when I could get back and flip more pages from each novel. I was obsessed.

On the way home I stopped by Books-A-Million again and purchased the final novel in the series - Breaking Dawn. It took me a day to finish. Yep. A day.

Then I found the first 264 pages of Midnight Sun on Stephenie's webpage. This fraction of the newest book is told from Edward's perspective from the first book.

After that I moved through the outtakes on her website. I'm all finished now and I'm left wanting more.

More more more.

Did I mention I was a tad obsessed? I haven't been this obsessed since Jacqueline Carey's Kushiel's Legacy novels., which you should definitely take time to read as well! They are still my favorite novels, but the Twilight Saga is definitely the new runner up!


Lisa said...

You should mail the books to your good friend Lisa! :)

Gwen said...

There's no warning for the obsession these books create in you! I ignored my family for almost an entire week! Now that book 4 has arrived, I'm sure they are all going to up and leave me while I'm busy reading.

I would force myself to spend time with my husband after the kids went to bed, but if he even so much as looked away or got a phone call I would jump for the book. Even now it's all I think about!!

Thanks for the recommendation on the Kushiel books, I am going to need a new obsession when this is done. I resorted to re-reading the Twilight saga over again.... but afterward!