7 Interesting Things about Me!

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Umm... Thanks for the tag Lisa.

I do the majority of my reading in the shower. I used to even study for tests in the shower. And no, I never get the pages wet. It's an art.

I am Sensory Defensive, but I am known as a self-treater. Which basically no one realizes I have issues aside from the fact that I'm quirky and a bit of a picky eater.

I have absolutely zero patience. My motto is: I have no time for patience.

I learned to ride horses by working on a small ranch that trained wild Mustangs. I started training them myself when I was in junior high.

I hooked up with my now-DH while out 'possum kicking with friends on a very cold November night. Very interesting story. Maybe I'll tell it sometime.

I am a clutterbug. I just can never seem to get organized. With anything. I try and try but it seems like the moment I turn my back, chaos once more reigns supreme around me. I hate it.

I hate sharing a lot about myself without being asked specific questions. So this tag has been hard for me!

Alright, I survived that! I'm not going to tag five people, but instead here are the lovely ladies that are tagged...



Lisa said...

I think that we have a lot in common and you'll HAVE To tell the possum kicking story now!