Happiest Place on Earth?

Saturday, October 11, 2008 Posted In Edit This 2 Comments »

Earlier this week, I went online to Disney World's website to make Resort reservations and also order our Four Day Park Hopper passes. It was not the most pleasant experience I've ever had. I think my yearly Pap is more pleasant, actually. And that's saying a lot.

First of all, one would expect Disney's website to be DisneyWorld.com, and while they apparently own this website, to make reservations you get shuffled to this website: http://disneyworld.disney.go.com/wdw/index?bhcp=1 What the hell is that?

The pages were very slow to load, and then when I attempted to make the specific reservations, the rooms I wanted would not select. I must have tried ten times. Finally, as I was folding my cards, I got it to work. How? I have no idea.

I made our reservations after approx. an hour and a half.

But there's more! I had to also make reservations for rooms at the same resort for my parents and my sister and her DH. However, their super-high-tech website apparently will not let a person make reservations for more than one room at a time.

Since I did not have another three hours to expend on the task, I spent another ten minutes hunting down the number to call to place reservations over the phone.

Now, I know Disney has to be a multibillion dollar company. So please tell me why on earth is their number not a toll free number?!? Seriously.

I spent another hour and a half on the phone with a saccharine sweet woman that aided me in making the reservations for the two additional hotel rooms. By the time it was over I was $2000 lighter, and I needed a valium and a long rest in a cool, dark room.

I certainly hope the actual vacation is a lot happier than the reservation making process!


Steph said...

Seriously, I would have given up. You are a better woman than I am. :)

Lisa said...

I think that I would have given up too! How frustrating.