Thomas the Tank Engine

Saturday, October 25, 2008 Edit This 3 Comments »

Today we drove 100 miles to see Thomas the Train. The wutz loved it, of course. The train ride was a whopping twenty-five minutes long. I hate trains, but I grinned and beared it for the wutz. He really did have a blast. Oh, and Granny and PopPop went with us, so he came home with a bag full of toys from the gift shop. It was like Christmas for him!

I'll post pix later, but I'm too fecking tired to do it tonight!


Heather said...

aww I am glad he had so much fun. I bet he loved it. Can't wait to see pics!


Amanda said...

Yeah- most of those train ride ordeals are super short and super expensive... but you can't beat how much the kids LOVE it. Does Polar Express come to your area? If so, check it out- he'd love it.

Lisa said...

Sweet! We accidently saw Thomas one time. We couldn't quite bring ourselves to shell out the $60 to ride him though!