Will Power

Monday, October 13, 2008 Posted In Edit This 1 Comment »

It ranks right up there with patience. Of which I have none.

I did very well for a couple of years. My consumption of junk food was a bare minimum at best. Then I got pregnant. That sweet tooth of mine came back with a vengence. And though the wutz is 2 1/2, that sweet tooth still remains.

I have no will power to stop myself, either. My relationship with the bathroom scale remained at an uneasy friendship until I stopped breastfeeding. Now I've nothing but love for chocolate and loathing for the scale.

Yeah, I can still fit into my prepregnancy jeans, but nothing is the same. And I know I know if I could suck it up and rid my life of the constant influx of sugar consumption, I'd be able to do much much better.

But I can't! Those cookies... those cakes... those brownies... they sing to me and it is the sweetest (pun intended) sound I've ever heard. Dammit.

And yes, this post was typed with the taste of homemade chocolate chip cookie still on my tongue. ~sigh~


Lisa said...

Eat some for me! :)