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A lady that lives down the road from me has a young girl that has numerous health issues. I don't know them personally, so I have no idea what they all are. I do know that she has terrible eyesight and she cannot see without glasses. She can barely see with glasses.

Apparently, yesterday the woman was in a hurry to get to the bank. She loaded up the little girl and sped off to make it in time. Unfortunately, she forgot that she'd left the little girl's glasses on the roof of her car. She likely lost them somewhere between our houses.

That poor woman has been in the ditches ALL DAY, with a little garden rake and her cane searching desperately for those glasses. I know she cannot afford another pair, which is why she has devoted her entire day to the search. I went out and walked about a mile up and down the road in effort to help her find them. Nothing.

She's just now made it in front of my house, that's how slow she is going. She's taking her time and picking through practically every blade of grass in search of those glasses.

Please send up a prayer and positive thoughts that she finds them for her little girl.


Jackie said...

Awwww =(

Lisa said...

Oh no! I hope that she finds them!

Stephanie said...

Oh man. I really hope she found them.