Twilight - The Movie

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So yesterday I went to see Twilight, as I said in my previous post. I really enjoyed the movie. Moreso than I had originally thought I would. I thought that for a low budget type film, they did very well. The scenes were beautiful as was the scenery. All in all, I was very pleased.

However, I would have loved to seen a few scenes from the books used in the movie. I know that they couldn't include everything, but some fundemental things were missing. Also, if a person had not read the books, s/he very easily could have gotten lost throughout the movie as there wasn't enough backstory or filling in of the blanks, I thought.

Overall, I was pleased with the actors that portrayed my beloved characters. I thought Alice was perfect. As was Bella. Emmett was perfectly depicted, too, much like I'd imagined him. Jasper was a riot. Carlisle was good, but I wish they hadn't lightened his hair. I wasn't convinced that Rosalie was the most beautiful girl in the world, though. And I didn't think Esme was beautiful either, but I can see that choice made for a motherly type, I suppose. That brings us to Edward: he still was not MY Edward and I would have liked to have seen more from him other than a brooding, beautiful vamp, but overall I think he pulled it off.

The rest of the actors included in the movie did very well. I can't say I was disappointed in the choices made. I thought I really would have been, but I wasn't.

As I said, I was very pleased. So much so that I hope to return to the theater to see it again. I'll definitely be purchasing the DVD for the extras, too!


Gwen said...

I saw the movie this weekend too. And I LOVED IT! A few times when it veered off course, I found myself getting upset... but overall a great movie.
Rosalie - not the most beautiful.
Edward - not my Edward, but an Edward just the same. He grew on me.
Bella - perfect.

I can't wait till New Moon!