One More Time

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This afternoon, I took my three teenage nieces to see Twilight. We were running a little late, so when we got there we had to stand in this massive line just to buy our tickets. Next we were herded through the ticket collector line, which we actually had to stand in line for also. It was crazy! I've never seen it that busy.

We made our way to the back of the theater where the movie was showing and were surprised to see that the theater was packed! I couldn't believe it was. The only set of four seats available were in the front freaking row. So, I sat with three teenagers on the front row of the movie theater to watch Twilight for the second time. It was an experience, but I think I'm too old for sitting that close now. I could even see the weave in the screen's fabric. It was totally distracting, but after about fifteen mintues I was able to ignore it and focus on the movie. Which I enjoyed the second time around. I loved being able to pick up on things I missed the first time. And fortunately, it was a great audience that laughed even during parts I don't remember anyone laughing at in the first showing I saw. It was great!

After the movie, I took the girls to another mall and we shopped a bit then ate dinner at the food court before we proceeded home. It really made for an enjoyable day. I am glad I got to have a girls' day out with them.


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They should keep it in theatres longer!