Shop till you drop!

Saturday, December 06, 2008 Posted In , Edit This 3 Comments »

I spent the day shopping with my mom and my sister. It was surprisingly stress free. Very unlike our usual yearly trip to the mall! I think we only bickered twice. A record, I'm sure.

My shopping trip was successful. I am very pleased with the dent in my shopping list I made. I'm not as pleased with the dent in my wallet that it made, though!

However, the biggest shopping victory occurred after I got home. I got a call from my in-laws, informing me that Wal-Mart was having a one day sale on 42 inch flatscreen televisions. It was the same price they were selling the TV I wanted on Black Friday, but was too sick to get out and get. But the store in town was sold out of them. So was the store one town over. I ended up calling a Wal-Mart about an hour away from my house and a rather frazzled Wal-Mart worker told me they had a few left. We loaded up in the car and raced over there and indeed they did have a few left! The manager was at the ship-to-site section of the store where they were, and she said they were the best kept secret in town. Apparently they hadn't been advertised at all! Lucky us since I paid HALF PRICE for it!


Lisa said...

Saweeeet DEAL!!


Anonymous said...

Oh man! Don't you just LOVE deals like that! Woohoo on the new TV!

Laura said...

Good deal!