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I braved the crowds at the Alltel store today to purchase a belated Christmas gift for myself. I got the HTC Touch Pro phone. I think I am in love. Granted, I still have barely a clue how to use the damned thing, but thus far it is much better than my old 700wx Treo.

Thus far, I have synced up all my contacts, added my email accounts (yes, plural!), and figured out how to connect it to my laptop to use as a modem. I am very very pleased!


Stephanie said...

So I am not the only one with multiple e-mail accounts. LOL. Read that manual and get all you can out of that phone.

Lisa said...

Holy Cow! Nice phone!

Michelle P. said...


Heather said...

neat! I am glad you are so in love w/your phone. I got Joe the new Blackberry Bold for xmas and he loves it. I love being able to have multiple email accts on my phone! I have a thing for Blackberry's hehe.

Now get off your phone and come play the Wii w/me hahahahahahahaha.