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So, I found this nifty little quiz after talking with a friend about ADD. The first time I took the quiz, I scored a whopping 102. I'm pretty sure that those that know me are hardly surprised at that, though.

This morning I took the quiz again, just so I could claim the neat little graphic proclaiming how screwed up I am. I answered a little bit more moderately and this was my result:

Results of your
Attention Deficit Disorder Quiz

You scored a total of 98

It is highly likely that you are presently suffering from adult attention deficit disorder, according to your responses on this self-report questionnaire. You should not take this as a diagnosis of any sort, or a recommendation for treatment. However, it would be advisable and likely beneficial for you to seek further diagnosis from a trained mental health professional immediately.

I think I'll take a pass on the immediate help suggestion. I have survived nearly 32 years as I am. Glad to know I now have a new label to pin all my quirks on, though!