Be Careful

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"Y'all be careful."

Is that a threat to you?

As someone from a definite southern upbringing, it is a statement that I've heard more times than I could even count. Parents say it. Friends say it. Complete strangers say it. I'm so used to it, I barely even hear it when it is spoken. It is that commonplace down here. So, I'd never see it as a threat. Veiled or otherwise.

But apparently, the American Idol judges view it differently. When Mark Mudd made that farewell to them, the judges immediately started posturing about how Mr. Mudd was threatening them.

Yeah. Right.

If they believe that "Y'all be careful" isn't said in any way but as a threat, then they should come down here for a day. I'm sure they'd figure out just how often it is actually said.

Well... on second thought, I don't want them down here anyways. So, nevermind.


Lisa said...

LOL! Missed THAT one!