The End.

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I know this may seem a bit belated, but it isn't really. Today marks the last day of my holidays. I had Christmas week off, then DH had New Years week off. Basically, we swapped it off so no one else would have to babysit the wutz. It worked well and it helped really stretch out our holiday. But it is all coming to an end.

While I do not miss the lines, the shopping, the bleeding of money, or the crowds, I do miss the family, the magic of Christmas, and the excitement of ushering in the New Year.

So tomorrow, I haul the wutz to school, then I drag my sorry ass back to the office and return to doing the work that I enjoyed not having to deal with for two whole weeks.


Is it vacation time yet?


Shannon said...

I'm sooooo with you! I'm already counting down the days to a much needed vacation.

Lisa said...

Happy Back to Work!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry Tara! Hope your first day back goes well and FAST!