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We trudged down to the Unemployment office this morning. Fun fun. Only to find out that DH has to file for unemployment in the state he had been working in. Which is NOT the state we live in. The financial difference between the two states means that we'll receive $220 less per month. That sucks.

Georgia calls their program Unemployment Insurance. Florida calls theirs Unemployment Compensation.

F U C -- it really is appropriate, although missing one letter to make it perfect.


Anyways, I think DH is all filed in both states, so it is a start at least. He also dropped off his resume to one architect firm in town and additionally, he emailed the resume to a couple of his friends in the same field.

Fingers and toes crossed.

The stark realization of a HUGE pay cut makes me sick, but at this point the way the economy is at the moment, I just hope he can get his foot in the door someplace soon.


Lisa said...

Fingers crossed!!

Amanda said...

Are you kidding me?!? What a crappy crappy thing to find out. Ugh.