Have Razor Blade, Will Travel

Friday, January 09, 2009 Posted In , Edit This 3 Comments »

I am so sick of seeing those pink oval VP stickers that have Palin running vertically down the P. I probably see 50 of them a day on my way to work and again on my way home. They are everywhere down here. I thought they were obnoxious enough during the campaign, but now that the election is over and we are days away from the inauguration, it is just time to let it go.

Same goes to all of the people out there with the SARAH! stickers and the McCain/Palin ones, too.

If it is a matter of laziness, let me know. I'll come right over and scrape those suckers right off for you.

I'm just kind and generous that way.


Laura said...

rotflmao!!! I love that you are so kind and generous.

Lisa said...

ROFL!! I'll come help ya!

LOVE the ones with Bush '04 still blaring!

Amanda said...

Oh God I so get this one... and the Bush ones are just as annoying.