Pet Peeves

Thursday, January 15, 2009 Posted In Edit This 4 Comments »

Since I'm still sick and I haven't slept worth a damn in almost two weeks, I'm a bit bitchy.

So here are a few things that annoy me to no end:

1. People trying to diagnose me. If you aren't a doctor... just shoosh.

2. Being touched when I'm trying to sleep. I don't mean in a sexual way. I don't even want a fingertip against me.

3. Being touched in general when I'm sick. Back. Off.

4. Drivers that wait until they can see the whites of my eyes before pulling out in front of me.

5. Then proceed to drive 30 miles below the posted speed limit.

6. Vegetables. Seriously.

7. Barking dogs.

8. Cold weather.

9. Telemarketers.

10. Politicians.

11. Getting gnawed on for something I didn't do.

12. Insomnia.

13. Being required to pay a $130 registration fee to a school the wutz already attends.

14. Subtitled movies.

15. Cashiers that ignore the wutz when he chirps, "Thank you!" to them. Which he always does.

16. Webpages that are NEVER updated.

17. Insurance! Car, health... it doesn't matter. It's all criminal in my book.

18. My favorite television shows being cancelled. (It seems to happen all the time now!)

19. LOST

20. Reality shows.

21. Tweens and teenagers with their thong showing. WTF wants to see that?!? At any age, really.

22. Cartoons. So sick of them.

23. Parenting from the sofa. Get. Off. Your. Ass.

24. Cleaning litter boxes.

25. Folding clothes.

26. Anyone that pees on the toilet seat. Just gross.

27. Commercials.

28. Those little ads and banners at the bottom of the television screen. Who thought blocking my television show was a good idea?

29. People eating popcorn near me at the movies.

30. Sarah Palin.

Alright, there's definitely more, but I think that's enough for now!


Shannon said...

I love your rants! #3 - Totally agree; #13 - Our day school does the same thing, pisses me off; #19 - I don't get that show either; #28 - I hate that they end up blocking a key part of the tv show too.

Heather said...

sending you hugs and I agree w/A LOT of what you said lmao! Feel better soon...

Laura said...

Feel better soon. I loved the "...just shoosh" at the end of #1. That goes for parenting advice from passing strangers and almost every single comment people make to you when you are pregnant too.

Amanda said...

Oh my God I get so mad when people ignore Deacon when he says hi or thank you. My God people- BE POLITE! I could slap people who do that.