Finally Unpacked....

Tuesday, February 17, 2009 Posted In Edit This 4 Comments »

I just spent an hour moving 40+ posts from my old WordPress blog, to this site. What a pain in the ass, but it is done now. I'd been putting it off for months and months.

I didn't see a reason to keep paying for a website that I wasn't using and now that DH has finally decided on a business name, we'll be designing a site for him. I refuse to pay for more than I have to, so I canceled my TMP site after I shuffled all the blog posts over to blogger.

So the next project is to buy DH's domain and build a website. *sigh*


mapsgirl said...

That is a lot of work!

Can't wait to see what the new site looks like!

Stephanie said...

why did you move from wordpress to blogger? Just curious.

T- said...

I didn't like wordpress' layout or the way it did things I didn't want it to do. Or I couldn't get it to do things I wanted it to - like center pictures.

I'm illiterate when it comes to that stuff, so it was likely user error.

Greekmom said...

Love the new site. BTW, we use yahoo for our website and it was super easy. around $35 every 3 months and you either use their layout or your own. Oh, and the domain was free.
Good luck to your hubby and his new business.
Getting laid off is what made us buy our business and we love it.