The Letter H

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The awesome One-Hip-Mom, Lisa had this challenge over at her place and I would love to say I decided to try it, but the truth is, I wasn't given a choice!

If you want to join in, leave a comment and I'll send you a letter on your blog or in your email. Your job is then to come up with 10 thing about yourself that begin with the letter I give you. Fun!

10 Things About Me, H style:

1. Horses: I have 10 of these. Three miniature horses (Boss, Uucy, Primo), and seven big horses (Howie, Puddles, Meli, Crybaby, Ment, Lil E, and Ego).

2. Husband: Even though he's currently unemployed, I still lurve him. He's even been helping around the house. And he adores the wutz and is the best Daddy ever. What's not to love?

3. House: It looks like a tornado hit it, but I love it.

4. Homeless: That's what we'll be if DH doesn't get a job soon. Heh.

5. Hamburger: Today's lunch. It had cheese on it, but it is still a hamburger! It was goood too.

6. Hands: Mine are so dry this winter. I'm not sure why. It sucks.

7. Headaches: I get too many of them. Migraines, too. I wish I didn't because they are miserable.

8. Health insurance: We currently have none. Because of DH being laid off. (I'm sure I haven't mentioned that, have I? LOL.)

9. Healthy: After having a skin biopsy, a Pap, and blood test, the Doctor said I'm healthy and I'll live till I die.

10. Heart: Tomorrow is Valentine's Day and I heart Vday candy!


Lisa said...

You most certainly were not forced!

Count me in on the dry hands ... what the heck?

Ikky said...