Another Great Product!

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Child Containment System (patent pending)

The Child Containment System (CCS) is a wonderful way to keep your child safe, happy, comforted and contented. No need to worry about his whereabouts, just snap the lid and be at ease with the knowledge your child is safe from harm!

Just look how happy he is!

A closer look!
(Disregard the warning label included in the shown prototype!)

So peaceful within, it has nearly lulled him to sleep!

This product is coming soon to a store near you. As always, you can expect quality, excellent customer service and a good laugh, for the affordable price of $149.99!


Lisa said...

Good Lord! Let that baby out!


Heather said...

ROFLMAO he is falling asleep b/c of lack of AIR!!! J/K that is so cute. Why do they like crap like that? I spend $200 for a kitchen and he wants to play in the box??? GO figure lol.

Ladybird said...

Why did I not think of this!?! Does it have a freshlock seal? I would have to have one of those yellow-and-blue-make-green seals around the edge though.

Too cute!