Bag Tag, Revisited

Monday, March 09, 2009 Posted In Edit This 5 Comments »

The other week a fun Bag Tag was going around the blogs. If you remember it, the task was to take a photo of the bag you were using that day and also of its contents. I don't carry a purse, so you got a shot of a cute little card case that I carry in my back pocket.

However, all of the photos of cute bags made me realize that maybe I was missing out on something. Maybe, just maybe, I should convert and carry a bag.

So I fired up my beloved laptop and began my quest to find the perfect bag for Tara. The possibilities, originally, seemed endless. Until I whittled my way through them to narrow down my choices that seemed more me.

Finally, I found exactly what suited. Though, I admit it isn't exactly designed for spring, but I do not care. It's a Coach bag. Vintage. And, of course, black leather. Yesssssss.

So here it is!

And now back to the bag tag idea -- to show you what is inside the bag:

Ummm... maybe I'm not really meant to carry a bag?!?


Heather said...


wheres' the hand sanitizer, the cell phone...
whaaaaaaaaaa? No lipstick???

for crying loud, come over and I will show you all the things you need lmao!!!

Shannon said...

me too! Didn't you see all the crap that is a must have inside my purse. My grandma used to carry rocks in her purse just so she could say "yes, I have rocks in there" because it was so heavy.

Lynn said...

When I first started with a bag I had no idea what to put in it! Now it's full of all kinds of junk!

Lisa said...

LOL ... that is a hoot!

Laura said...