Migraine is Macking on me...

Saturday, March 21, 2009 Posted In , Edit This 3 Comments »

I know I have discussed this before. I've discussed it with anyone that will listen. Not that anyone listens to me anymore. Hm. Maybe no one has ever listened to me. That would explain a lot. Really. A lot.

What was I discussing again? Oh, right right. These damned migraines. I am sick of them. And I don't mean sick as in I am lacking in patience and tolerance. No, sick of them as in I am tired of hanging my head over the porcelain god or driving the white school bus, or whatever the fuck nauseated lushes call it these days. That kind of sick. But I'm also sick of it in a way that makes me want to take a skillsaw to my skull and perform a shakey-handed lobotomy until I heave a sigh of relief and say, "Ahhhhhhhhh. All gone."

Yes. Gone. I want it all gone. I want the headaches gone. I want the nausea gone. Hell, at this point, I think I would like the upper half of my head gone. That should be enough to be able to scrape out my pea-sized brain with a melon baller.

Yep. That'd help.

Now where the hell is my melon baller?


mapsgirl said...

I can't say that I know how you feel...but I do have a good understanding. My husband gets migranes as well. I hope this one passes quickly. Hugs.

Heather said...

ohhhh Tara, I am so sorry. I have migraines and they suck so bad. Here lately, I have to take migraine med PLUS BC Powder to make them go away-or at least go away enough to where I can sleep! Oh and ice packes over head lol. I always do that too. ugh I feel for you. I think you are stressed (((HUGS)))

brenna said...

Oh that sucks! Last summer I had near consecutive migraines. Never had migraines before and once fall hit haven't had one since, knock on wood! The only thing that helped me at all was taking propranolol. A lavender cold pack helped some too. Hope you can get something to work for you!