Oh. My. Gawd.

Thursday, March 12, 2009 Edit This 6 Comments »

I took a mommy break this afternoon and let my MIL keep the wutz. I drove to town at a snail's pace, enjoying the leisurely drive while listening to my tunes. I even chatted on the phone for a little bit to a good friend of mine. Then finally I arrived at the hair salon.

Yes, dear readers, I actually went to get the mop charading as my hair cut!

Fortunately, my hair stylist was a bit backed up, so I got a moment to grab one of those hair mags and flip through it to drink in the sight of all the hairstyles I wouldn't be caught dead in.

Posh Spice's hair? Pffftthh. As if.

Finally it is my turn to take the chair. I tell my favorite stylist in the entire world exactly what I want. In detail. Perhaps a little too much detail. Because sometime during the conversation, I think she went *ZZZZzzzzzzzZZZZZZ*

Needless to say, I believe our wires got crossed a wee bit.

Just a touch really.

Okay, maybe more than a touch.

All I really wanted was a much shorter version of the same haircut I already had. Instead, she snipped and she trimmed, and she cut. And cut. And cut.

Until I looked like....

Posh Spice.

Though I must be honest with myself, I don't look like Posh Spice (hahahasnorthahahah), but that's the shortest cut I can think of that my new style resembles!

And you know what? It ain't too bad. (Says she who hasn't tried to style it yet.)


Michelle P. said...

You CANNOT post this WITHOUT pics attached! (stomping off mad to corner- waiting on pics!)

Heather said...

ummm I want pics(crossing arms w/a pouting face). NO FAIR!!!

Shannon said...

well.....where are the pictures??? I bet it looks awesome!

April said...

I agree with Michelle.... what are you thinking posting like this with no pics.... c'mon we wanna see!

Lynn said...

and who do you think you are without posting pictures?! Not fair at all!

Heidi said...

AND YOU DIDN'T GIVE US PICTURES??? Yes, I am screaming! :) I totally want to see. I bet it looks nice - just different than you expected.