What's in a name?

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I have decided that I want to rename our farm. Though I'd previously named the farm something I really like, I've found several other farms that are using that very same name. Personally, I prefer to remain original, so I am back to the drawing board. Especially since I feel it is time to start marketing the farm more than I have been in recent years.

I'm really not sure what I want to call the place, I want it to be something that suits us. Preferably something witty or charming. I'm not big into the fancy, super-elegant names because they just don't fit.

There is a famous ranch whose name I love called Almosta Ranch. And there is another place about an hour from here called Lake Say-Hi! which I think is just too cool, too. So those are the sorts of things that catch my eye. I also need something that I can have a nice company phrase or slogan with as well.

Anyways, I'm open to suggestions. I know it is really hard to think of things for others, but if something leaps into your head, please feel free to send it in!


Shannon said...

How about an homage to your blog....Perfecto Rancho. My parents is called the El Ranchito, my dad thinks he's funny.

Lisa said...

Hill's Hoof Heaven
Do Little Farm
Do Good Ranch
Backside Barns and Stables
Poop Scoopin Ponderosa
Dusty Bottoms Ranch
Cost-a-Plenty Acres
Hole in the Wall(et) Ranch
Dusty Stillettos Stables
Out to Lunch Pastures

Lisa said...

I thought of some more ...

Dirty Chaps Stables
Mane Street Stables
Muck You Farms