My tastes are bigger than my checkbook, as usual

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We enjoyed a rather relaxing day here in the great state of Conneticut. We slept in (by in, I mean 7am) and then we got up, had some breakfast and hung out while the wutz went to be the object of my niece's show and tell for the day. Once they returned, we did lunch at a mediocre restaurant.

Afterward we drive to Westport to do a little shopping. I bought the wutz some clothes from a cute little store there. I can't wait to put him in the little monkey shirt and shorts. He'll be a-dorable.

I also found a great pair of sunglasses at Coach, but I didn't cave and buy them. I may go back later, though.

And I found two charms from Tiffany & Co. that are calling my name. I can't decide which I like better, though.

Here they are:
Naughty and Nice charm

Crown Key Pendant


Jann said...

Oooh I like both charms! So cute!!

Heather said...

The naughty and nice is totally me lol! Very cute. Enjoy your vaca!

Michelle said...

the naughty and nice is soooo totally YOU! lol

Lisa said...

Very cute!

Can't wait to see the monkey outfit!