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I have birthday pictures to post, but first I have to download them off the XTi. I also have plenty to blog about, but my head is so foggy and all I want is a long hibernation period. Sorry.

The wutz had to go to the doctor today. He's had hives for three days and this morning when he woke up they were fire red and ALL over him. No clue what he has had a reaction to, but we are giving him Zyrtec and Benadryl as per the Ped's instructions.

Hopefully it will solve the problem.

More tomorrow.



Heather said...

Poor boy. I have had an allergic reaction to something too, we have no idea what yet. So I am drugged up too hehe.

Get some rest then post those pics :)

April said...

Ugh, I hope the wutz feels better soon!