The best money I didn't spend...

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Right before Christmas there was a toy that the wutz was totally and completely enamored with in the stores. Every time he saw it, we had to go up and push the button and make the thing walk and do its noisy thing. I thought it was a cool toy, but there was no way I was going to spend the $130-something bucks to purchase said toy. Even for Christmas.

However, my father apparently had no qualms about adding it to the never-ending list of purchases he made for the wutz.

And I am here to declare that this over-priced toy is absolutely the best thing since sliced bread. Better even. It has no equal.

What makes this toy so special?
It is the fact that, though the wutz loved it in the stores, he is totally and irreversibly terrified of this robotic dinosaur. He shakes like a leaf if he even hears it turned on. Even if he cannot see the damned thing he trembles and instantly begins screaming like a chick running up the stairs in a horror flick.

And this is a good thing... why??
I know, I know. I shouldn't make light of my son's true terror, but it really has been the best solution I couldn't think of! Now, if I want the wutz to do something... or stop doing something... all I have to say is, "Do you want me to go get the dinosaur???" BAM! Mommy gets exactly what she wants.

I can completely and absolutely turn my little menace into an obedient little darling with that simple question.

And I ask it often.

I have no shame.


Laura said...

I am peeing myself laughing over this T. And I want one too!

Shannon said...

OMG, this is the funniest thing I've read in a loooonnnnggg time. That is great!!

Steph said...

We saw this at Christmas too...DJ loved it. Trevor was PETRIFIED. Regardless, there was no way I was spending $130 on it. Glad you didn't have to either. :)

Leslee Horner said...

So funny! Love it!

lesleehorner said...

So funny! Love it!

Lisa said...

Gavin and Amelia both LOVED that dino at Christmas too.

You evil punisher you!

Gwen said...

I am rolling, that is hilarious! I'd do the same thing!

Heather said...

ROFLMAO that is so funny.