Found On Road Dead

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After the wutz was born, it became painfully evident that I needed to sell my Dodge Ram (yes, with a Hemi) and get something that allowed us to haul all the crap that is required when you have a baby. Including, but not limited to, the kitchen sink.

It was a sad day that I handed over the keys to my beloved blue Dodge and traded them for a set to my Expedition. We purchased New-to-You, because I refuse to buy New-New since it seems like such a waste of money. But I digress…

I found out that I love having a SUV. I love having the extra room. I don’t have to worry about rain, because there’s nothing in an open bed, as there often was in the truck! The third row seats are even electric and a push of the button makes them disappear so I can have plenty of room for the sink if I like.

I also love the bells and whistles. The navigational system is wonderful. The seats are leather and, believe it or not, very comfy even with the seat AC freezing my ass or the heater warming it. It gets decent gas mileage, about the same as the truck. And it drives well. Sort of.

Except when it shuts off unexpectedly. Which it did twice today. And it has done several times recently.

Just driving down the road, all of a sudden I realize my gas pedal is no longer serving its purpose. I glance down and the dashboard warning lights are lit up like a Christmas tree on Christmas Eve. Then the steering is rendered all but useless. Finally I’m able to come to a halt, turn the key to off, turn the key forward once more and the engine cranks up with no trouble. No spit, no sputter, no complaint. It purrs like a kitten until it decides not to purr any longer.

Upon consulting Mechanic Google, I find that this seems to be some glitch in Expeditions. I spent the morning reading pages and pages of complaints. Great.

And to make things even better, there’s no recall for it.

I think I may need to send my Dodge a letter of apology. *sigh*


Steph said...

OMG please be careful! That sounds very dangerous (and highly inconvenient)!