One should not throw stones or throw open car doors too hard because both leave dents and dents are bad. Sometimes.

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So, while at lunch today I had composed this fabulously funny open letter to "MRSPETE" but now I cannot use it. I guess it is a good thing I only wrote it in my head. Which means there wasn't a whole lotta effort put into it. Fortunately.

See, what happened is this... I went to Belk's to kill part of my lunch hour. And what better way to kill an hour than shopping?!? Unfortunately, the parking lot was packed. I guess it is because half of the town was there shopping the sales for Mother's Day presents. I didn't need to shop for Mother's Day presents because my mother insisted on a present that shall come in a little blue box with a white bow. Yes. Seriously. But I'll save that for another post.

Anyways, while seeking out a parking spot, I spied a brand new Mercedes parked horizontally across two parking spaces. Lucky for me, there was a parking spot right next to MRSPETE-the-parking-lot-hog. I guess MRSPETE didn't realize that by leaving a space open by the nose of her car it wouldn't be immune to the massive Camaro car doors. I whammed open the door and watched in amused amazement as the Mercedes hood ornament went flying across the parking lot. Okay, that last part just happened in my head, but I was oh-so-tempted.

But it did inspire a wonderful blog entry about the rude crazy lady that either didn't know how to park or is such an anal twit she thinks a MRSPETE tag is classy and hoarding parking spaces saves the paint job on a brand new car she likely paid way too much for anyways. Until I got back into my car and cranked my baby up, backed up and then heard thwapthwapthwapthwapthwapthwapthwap. I managed to coast my lame car toward the parking spaces once more. Only to come to rest horizontally across two parking spaces.

Yeah. That part really happened. My bad.

Karma totally kicked my ass.