Up, UP and Away!

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We took the wutz at lunchtime to see the movie Up. I came laden with packs of M&Ms, a bag of toy tractors (just in case), and a cold sippy cup. We were also required to take out a second mortgage on our home so that we could afford to purchase a bag of popcorn for him as well.

As is always the case, we arrived as the previews began and we fumbled our way to mid-row seats in the dark. The wutz settled into the middle seat and staked claim on the bag of popcorn. The crunching sound was tremendous, but it was obvious he was one happy camper.

The popcorn lasted longer than I expected. Approximately fifteen minutes. Then he was on to the M&Ms he saw me trying to sneak while he had his attention on the giant screen before him. I surrendered the pack of M&Ms to him and he devoured them as if he hadn't just done the same with the popcorn that cost him at least a year's worth of allowance. If he got allowance, that is.

The most surprising thing that occurred was that the wutz behaved! He sat and enjoyed the movie. And if he wasn't sitting, he was standing, peering through the seats in front of us so he could get a better view of the movie screen. He was also relatively quiet! Amazing.

It was a very cute movie. Not really my style, but I am still so glad we went. And I am very proud of my wutz for sitting through an entire movie!


Laura said...

Go C!!!! (Isn't the price of popcorn hideous, T? I am amazed every time.)

Lisa said...

YEAH Wutz!

I want to see that movie too!