Addition and Subtraction

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For the past week or so, I have been in contact with a woman that had a litter of siamese cats available. I really cannot believe I was even thinking of adding another animal to our massive herd, but since LoLo passed away there has been a gaping hole in my household. I miss her. Terribly. She was my cat. I've always had seal point siamese cats and I really feel like something is missing by not having one.

I don't want to dishonor my LoLo by replacing her, because I know she cannot ever be replaced. She was the best cat. I just can't tell you how awesome she was for me. But I still felt like I needed to fill that gap the best I could. That's how I found a wonderful woman about six hours away that had a seal point female available.

After firing off about 50 emails in which I pestered this poor woman relentlessly, we decided to drive to pick up our new kitten on Sunday. The plan was to leave at 6:30am so we could get there and back at a semi-decent hour.

Yeah. Right.

The morning began with the alarm clock failing to go off. I woke up at 6:17 and asked DH (whom shall now be known as Big Daddy to the online world simply because the southern nickname amuses me and if I call him Bob everyone will think I'm talking about my pink vibrator, and I'm not) what time he'd actually meant for us to wake up. Because, you know, I'm too lazy good to be the one to have to wake up to the horrid twang of country music first thing in the morning. So I let him man the alarm clock then kick me awake once he's been fully awakened. And yes, even on his days off, he is the one with wake-up duty. He loves me.

Once we hauled our tired asses out of bed, Big Daddy went out to feed the animals while I dressed and then woke the wutz. It was right after I finished brushing the wutz's teeth that Big Daddy came back into the house and informed me that DD, one of our dogs, was dead. He then had to carry her down to the shop and fire up the infamous backhoe of death and bury the poor dog.

I don't know what did her in, possibly a combination of things. She was a dumpster dog, hence the name, and I have no idea how old she was. We'd had her for several years, though. I feel terrible that she passed on, but I have to be honest and say that I'm damned glad she was gone. She was a horribly mean dog and the only reason I kept her was because I was afraid she might hurt someone else or someone else's livestock. So I kept her just because I was too soft to euthanize her or send her to the humane society.

Anyways, that was the beginning of our day. We finally did make it on the road. Our long journey had begun! Then, about an hour into it, the wutz notified us that he felt sick. This announcement was accompanied by some coughing and a stuck out tongue. Swiftly followed by projectile vomiting all over himself and everything else. It took forever to slog through the vomit and get it all cleaned up. Fortunately, I'd had the foresight to bring a change of clothes. And even more fortunate was that we realized how serious he was about being sick the second time he announced it and we actually had time to slam the vehicle onto the shoulder of the road and haul him out to get sick on the outside of the vehicle! Blech.

After a long nap while we drove, the wutz felt well enough to play on the slide at the requisite lunch stop at McDonald's. He even dined on chicken mcnuggets and kept them down.

Eventually we made it to our destination and we introduced ourselves to the woman and her husband. Her husband offered me a cup of homemade coffee. Seriously. He made it himself. Roasted, pressed, the whole nine yards. It was awesome. I mean, truly delish. It made my coffee this morning taste like dishwater. Dirty dishwater.

While we were there, another couple with their two lovely children arrived to get a siamese of their own. They were coming for a chocolate point male. They had just put their 14 year old cat, Mouse, to sleep the day before. The woman was heartbroken and having gone through the same thing just the other week, I completely understand how she was feeling. And her kitten is gorgeous! I know they will totally love him.

We finally got to meet 'Red' and she is the sweetest little kitten. She wanted her mommy, but she was very well mannered and so tiny and adorable with the fruitbat ears that I love. I'm definitely very pleased with her. I held her most of the time while we all sat and talked and the kids ran amok and played with one another. I feel like I made some great new friends on the trip and I am very happy to have had the opportunity to meet them all.

I'm even more delighted with our newest addition to the family! Her birthday was April 1st. Yes. April Fool's Day. So I named her Harley Quinn.


*waits longer*


Fine, I'll tell you. Harley Quinn is the Joker's girlfriend. Yes. From the comics. Fitting, no?

Yes. I'm a dork. I admit that. Freely.

Harley slept on the wutz's lap almost the entire way home. It was the sweetest thing ever. He loves her and he kisses on her and she just looks at him with these wide eyes as if she expects him to eat her or something. And it isn't beyond the realm of possibility, I realize this.

But for now they are getting along wonderfully. He constantly wants to spend time with her, which I think is adorable. I threatened to turn around and go back to get another kitten for me, too. But Big Daddy refused. *sigh*

Finally we made it home. At 1am. After retrieving Harley from behind my cedar chest after she squirmed beneath the bathroom door and darted into my room, we all collapsed in bed at 2am and succumbed to sheer exhaustion.

Today Harley is settling. She's still terrified of her new surroundings, but I cannot blame her. She is a sweetie, though. I haven't had a kitten for 11 years, and it is a lot of fun to have one in the house again!

So, after all that blabbing, please meet Harley Quinn:

More pix soon, promise!


Laura said...

T - She is sweet! Almost makes me want a kitten too. :)

Michelle said...

awww she is gorgeous! I'm glad you got a new kitty. I know Lolo would be happy for you :)

Sorry the wutz got car sick though. Gosh, that is the worst! LOL

Ummm and yeah- your DH spoils you. I should know... I'm a spoilee too!