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When I started this blog, the purpose was to complete the Project 365 Blog. Yesterday was my 365th day of posting to Too Much Perfection? Can you believe it? I can't.

I am a procrastinator. I'm not typically one to be consistant with anything, either. I'm far too scatterbrained. I really did not think I could ever pull of this Project 365, but I thought having a far-fetched goal might motivate me enough to at least post randomly. Well, yeah. I guess some of my posts -- okay more often than not -- have been totally random. But it has been a daily randomness! 365 days worth!


I have really come to love this blog. I love that this is a safe place for me to spew anything and everything and even nothing at all.

I love every one of you that read my blog. I especially love those of you that have taken the time to leave comments to my entries. You all rock! Thank you for making me feel that my drivel has been worth reading.

I also want to thank each of you that have brilliant blogs that I adore reading. Keep up the great writing!

So for now, I am going dark. I think. Just a little vacation, as it were.

Not for long, though. I still have too much spinning in my brain to stop blogging entirely. However, I doubt I'll be posting every single day. I'll spare you the lazy cheats and the boring YouTubes. Maybe.

Thank you all for sticking with me this past year. I love ya!


Laura said...


Gwen said...

Congrats!! You're awesome!

Laurie said...


Lisa said...


I made 365 on my picture blog today too! WOOT!

Heather said...

yayy! I love your blog and it helps that you are one of my favorite ladies online hehe. xoxoxoxo

lesleehorner said...

I've only been reading for a few can't go dark:( But congrats on the 365 days. Maybe I need to do that with my blog, so I can keep it going. I'm really enjoying it so far!