Hello June!

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I canNOT believe that today is the first day of June. I think I entirely missed spring. I'm sure most would agree that it was the weirdest Winter-slash-Spring ever.

The wutz and I celebrated June 1st by accepting an invitation extended to us by my birthday buddy. We have been friends since our freshman year in high school. We shared a college dorm room together. We even share a birthday.

Unfortunately, life these days keeps us from sharing much except for long-winded phone calls. So I was delighted to have the opportunity to meet with her at the pool and enjoy a nice swim with the kids and my friend's mother. We floated in the crystal blue water and chatted briefly about politics and extensively about various novels that we each enjoy. Even though our conversations were often interupted by the demands of little tadpoles demanding to be caught mid-air as they jumped into the water, we still savored every moment of our adult conversations.

It was fabulous. So much so, I may do it again tomorrow.


Laura said...

Sounds divine!

Lisa said...

GREAT fun!