Don't you dare!

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The wutz has started an annoying habit. One I had hoped he'd never take on, but I suppose it was inevitable. He has begun asking the horribly annoying question: "Why? Why? Why!?!" Yes, that's all I hear these days. Why? Why? Why? Why, Mommy? Why?!?


Just shoot me now. Please.

Another little quirk that the wutz has taken on is the one where he takes pleasure in doing the exact opposite of what you tell him to do. This is where the infamous reverse psychology comes into play. "Don't give Mommy a kiss!" *smooch*

But the best way I've found to exploit this bad habit is by, at bedtime, sternly telling the wutz not to scratch my back. "I mean it, don't you dare scratch Mommy's back!" equals a good ten minutes of back-scratching-bliss.

*insert wicked laugh here*


Lisa said...

Just wait until he can give foot rubs!