Happy Birthday, Princess!

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Today is the Princess's 50th Birthday! So, in honor of such a special and once-in-a-lifetime occassion, I decided to do something very special for the Princess.

Special meaning I ran the most hysterical picture I owned of her on the front page of her local newspaper. Oh, and I also ran a larger add in Section A of the same paper. I just wanted to make sure everyone knew it was such a momentous occasion!

Here is the picture from the front page of the paper. It was located on the top left hand corner. Prime real estate, if I do say so myself!

And this was located deeper inside of Section A:

Apparently, once her coworkers found the pictures they were photocopied, enlarged, and plastered all over her workplace.

I knew they wouldn't let me down!

Happy Birthday, Princess!

With love,
The best sister you've ever had!

(Okay, the only sister...)


Lisa said...

No you didn't! HOOT and a HALF! You have to post her reaction!

Oh and HB Princess!