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The other day, while driving to the store to buy some seriously overpriced cat food, I happened to glance up toward the sign on the road in front of one of the liquor stores in town. On that sign I saw a word that I know oh-so-well. The word of my most favorite alcoholic drink in the world. The word of the one drink that I covet that I have not previously been able to find here.

That single word caused me to attempt and perfect a U-turn in busy lunch time traffic in effort to return to the store to race in and frantically search the shelves. It didn't take long. I honed in on it faster than the clerk could say, "Can I..." and I had the object of my desire in hand and headed to the counter.

Moments later, I had my darling prize nestled in the seat beside me, cradled lovingly as we traveled home so I could enjoy the spoils of my conquest.



Lisa said...

I'll have to take your word for it!

Heather said...

yup I will take your word for it lmao.