How Bold is Too Bold?

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A wonderful woman (@lesleehorner) that I met via Twitter actually blogged about me today. About the fact that I am... umm... ermm... bold. Ballsy. Well, I think she kinda was referring to the fact that I have a big mouth and no filter on it. I do have the habit of just blurting out exactly what I am thinking. But at the same time, when I need to be tactful, I have finally learned to do that. I can be a rather skilled tactician when need be. Fortunately, for me, I don't need to be tactful all that often.

Online is one place where I am guilty of allowing my darker (let's just say wittier, because it sounds better) side come to the forefront. It also helps that online I can backspace and self-edit until my vipery tongue can also be taken as amusing and not just entirely insulting.

So, it is a fine line between the two. I try to balance it, but I am certain I still offend people on a daily basis. And another thing I've learned lately is that is okay, too. So what if I offend you? You'll get over it. I did.

Anyways, go read Leslee's Blog. It is awesome. Especially today's post!


By the Seat said...

I love your ballsyness! New word just for you! Wait. Is it ballsiness? Either way.

Opinionated Gifts said...

Anyone you've offended at this point is clearly uncool. Worry not.

Michelle said...

LOL... you ballsy? Nah. Just honest and upfront and I love you for it!

Lisa said...

Me too ... you rock T!